Questions to ask to evaluate your design as you iterate.

Two yellow eyes of an owl
Two yellow eyes of an owl
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How do we know we are creating good design and avoiding bad design? To answer this, I looked into the criteria that help guide good design decisions in courses offered by Google and the University of Michigan. In this article, I will discuss how to evaluate your design against the criteria.

The four criteria

1. Useful

2. Usable

3. Enjoyable

4. Equitable

How to evaluate design against criteria

Methods I used to convince stakeholders when presenting prototypes

Disagreement happens, and that’s good. The absence of it means no one cares.

When I presented mockups or research recommendations, I received stakeholder feedback “that’s just not going to happen” to “I want it that way because other big companies are doing it that way”. I share below how I convinced the stakeholders to change their minds.

I am no expert. I write from my experience and hope to give you some ideas to implement the design or research you worked hard to help people.

1. Find out the reason behind their suggestions

Try to understand why the stakeholder…

As an individual or as a team, find out what is worth designing and building.

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Any design solution, research recommendation, or feature request to get the green light must show that it is important to the business and feasible for the team to build. You will have an easier time convincing your stakeholders by presenting the alternatives you have considered and why you prioritized one of your design solutions over your other’s ideas. It lets the stakeholder know that you have thought things through.

In this article, I will go step by step on how to compare your options (design…

5-second rule, Minimum Enjoyable Activity, etc.

Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash

As a kid I would do my homework immediately after I came home. As I grew older I got distracted by the world and found myself studying just hours before the exam. And every time as I crammed in the last minutes I would think to myself, “Why do I repeat the same story again and again?”

I decided to break the habit by going deep into any materials related to productivity. …

Sarah Soha

Founder and Product Designer at HowICan

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